Washington State University to use Cialfo’s AI-driven Explore platform

Cialfo creates a network that brings universities, high school counsellors, parents and students together throughout the recruitment journey and is used by students across 100 countries. 

“Washington State University is committed to advancing, extending and applying knowledge through global engagement”

Washington State University has an enrolment of 19,900 students and its international program has experienced “consistent growth” in the number of international students. It currently has 1,603 students representing 98 different countries enrolled. 

It is hoped the partnership will help WSU reach more students and achieve it year-round goals, despite challenges presented by Covid-19 travel restrictions and other restraints.

“We are excited to partner with Cialfo in increasing higher education access to students across the globe,” said Daniel Saud, WSU’s director of undergraduate international admissions, recruitment and marketing. 

“Washington State University is committed to advancing, extending and applying knowledge through global engagement. This partnership allows us to deliver on that mission to the schools in more than 100 countries where students use Cialfo to apply to colleges and universities. 

“We look forward to increasing the reach of our Coug spirit and inspiring future Cougs.”

WSU is the latest institution to use Explore by Cialfo to reach international students – others include the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University, among others.

“We are thrilled to work with Washington State University and help them continue to build on their world-class International Program using Cialfo to reach even more students in today’s ever competitive landscape,” said Cialfo CEO and Co-Founder Rohan Pasari. The company raised US$15m earlier this year in Series A funding.

“This partnership brings Cialfo yet another step closer to our ultimate goal of making higher education accessible to more than 1 million students across the globe.”

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