Westfield High School biomedical program puts students on path to industry certification


Lauren Cadigan and Emily Padilla at Westfield School Committee. (AMY PORTER/THE WESTFIELD NEWS)

Westfield High School sophomore Emily Padilla shares her excitement about the biomedical pathway with the Westfield School Committee on April 4 while Science, Technology and Engineering Supervisor Lauren Cadigan looks on. (AMY PORTER / THE WESTFIELD NEWS)

WESTFIELD — Lauren Cadigan, science, technology and engineering supervisor for Westfield’s public schools, updated the School Committee recently on the Westfield High School biomedical pathway, which prepares students who are interested in the healthcare profession through guided coursework, certification opportunities and practical applications. The pathway is currently accepting freshman signups.

Cadigan said the pathway has been “like a second child” to her. She and former grants coordinator and current Business Administrator Shannon Barry “birthed” the program with a 107-page plan. They received a $20,000 development grant four years ago to explore its feasibility, then started a pilot program the next year with a YouthWorks competitive grant of $55,000 for health career exploration and training for 15 juniors and seniors.


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