What it’s Like to Host a Teacher YouTube Channel with Sam Kary – Easy EdTech Podcast 155


In this episode, educator and YouTuber Sam Kary shares a behind-the-scenes look at his popular YouTube channel for educators.  You’ll also hear his advice and suggestions for starting your very own teacher YouTube channel!

This week’s episode is titled: “What it’s Like to Host a Teacher YouTube Channel with Sam Kary” and I can’t wait for you to hear from Sam today. I connected with Sam a few years ago and met him in person for the first time at the FETC Conference earlier this year. I wanted to bring Sam on the podcast to give a behind the scenes look at his popular YouTube channel for educators.

If you follow along with me on IG and TikTok you know I share lots of short videos on these platforms. And if you’re a member of my membership the Easy EdTech Club, you know I share longer videos, masterclasses, each month. YouTube is a space I use more as a consumer than a creator, and I know so many listeners make their own videos too. So Sam joined me today to offer insight and suggestions for getting started with your very own YouTube channel. Even if  you’re just curious about the process, you’ll definitely get some ideas from our conversation.

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Tips for a Teacher YouTube Channel

  • First, have a plan for your videos.
  • Next, include visuals, perhaps a screencast.
  • Then, share your videos for the public to see.
  • Finally, choose a video title that makes it easy for other people to find your videos.

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