What to Expect When You’re About to Join The NCLEX Course?

What's on the NCLEX-RN Exam? What to Expect and Tips to Survive

Searching for an institute to join the NCLEX course in Nepal? Wait. Do you know how to choose the best institute for your NCLEX course? As it is the matter of your future, you should be very careful while choosing an NCLEX course otherwise, you may end up joining the NCLEX course in the wrong NCLEX institute. You don’t need to worry because here we have brought a solution for you. NCLEX Nepal could be the best option for you to join your NCLEX course.

Based in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, NCLEX Nepal is considered to be the best institute for NCLEX in Nepal and you should consider preparing yourself for your NCLEX exam in it. Why so? It is simply because NCLEX Nepal offers students everything that they should expect while joining an NCLEX course.

There are basically two types of NCLEX exams; Here is what NCLEX Nepal offers its students.

  • Textbooks
  • Online learning modules
  • Live webinars
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching
  • NCLEX sample questions
  • And more!

Course Structure

Duration: 16 weeks (including Orientation week)

Orientation: 1 Week

Delivery: Online

Course Units: NAU 001: MCQ Exam for RNs

Course Fees: Total course fee $1000

Admission Requirement: The applicant must hold current registration as a Registered Nurse in their home country.

In addition to the learning materials, one-on-one personalized coaching and live webinars, NCLEX Nepal offers an excellent interactive and innovative online learning platform to its students so that they can have a quality virtual learning experience. welfare, administrative and educational support 24*7. 

Another best thing about NCLEX Nepal is that when when you join an NCLEX course, you get to learn from highly skilled and experienced lecturers. They have been in the field for years and know how to train you for your NCLEX exam.

Students don’t have to be worried as NCLEX Nepal provides everything students are promised for. NCLEX Nepal will help you throughout the NCLEX-RN application process to the visa application process.

Looking at all these benefits, now you believe why NCLEX Nepal is the best NCLEX preparation center in Nepal? Then what are you waiting for? Connect with NCLEX Nepal and book your seat now for the NCLEX preparation classes.