What You Should Know About DWI Defense Lawyers

Hiring a houston dwi defense lawyer is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the severe penalties that are often associated with a DWI arrest. In the state of Florida, you must hire a skilled attorney to defend you against your arrest. DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) arrests occur hundreds of thousands of times each year throughout the United States, but the vast majority of arrests are merely for minor traffic violations or other non DWI crimes. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, you must contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to prepare your defense against your arrest.

In Florida, when a police officer suspects that a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, they will often stop that individual on suspicion. The driver is then taken to a department facility for further questioning. During this questioning, the driver is usually advised that he or she has a legal right to refuse to submit to a blood or breath test. A refusal to comply can result in immediate arrest and DUI charges. If you are being investigated for DUI, you must get yourself properly tested before you take a breath or blood test.

Experienced DWI defense attorney

An experienced DWI defense attorney will be able to advise you on how to answer the questions being asked of you by the police officer at the department. If you are guilty of the DUI charges you were arrested for, you should not volunteer information about your prior criminal record. Instead, you should ask to see the records of your arrest. Even if you were only charged with a misdemeanor, you must consult with a DWI defense attorney and learn all of your rights. The charges that you face will be different depending on the jurisdiction in which the offense occurred, but most DUI cases fall under these general guidelines.

DUI conviction

Being found guilty of driving while intoxicated (DUI) carries with it certain penalties. These fines and fees are typically associated with a DUI conviction. A DWI defense lawyer will inform you of the possible penalties, you could be facing for your initial arrest and the subsequent trial. It may also be a factor in how long the case will take to conclude and whether or not a suspended license will be imposed.

An officer may give you a Breathalyzer test or they may pull you over and ask you to take it. Both tests will give the results, including the alcohol content of your blood or urine. This test is generally used as a determining factor in determining the penalties that are faced by those who have been found guilty of DUI. Many times, the judge will ask the jury to determine the penalty by determining how much impairment was displayed by the defendant as a direct result of their drunken behavior. In some states, a higher degree of impairment may lead to a heavier jail sentence and loss of license than a lower amount of impairment would lead to in another state.

For those who have been charged with a DUI, they should consult with a DWI defense lawyer immediately. Having a DUI is a serious matter that may lead to serious consequences. It can affect your ability to get a driver’s license, your auto insurance rates, your job, and housing, among other things. A DWI attorney should be consulted at the first indication of trouble, so you can prepare for whatever might come. A reputable attorney will ensure that you get due process, adequate representation, the best defense, and most favorable penalties.