By Godwin Oritse

IT’S incredible if you have made a decision to study abroad but have you made the decision on country of choice and course of study .

Most Nigerian students are tired of the incessant labour strikes , coupled with the decaying infrastructure in Nigerian Universities and are ready to leave but are confused as to which country, institution or course of study to choose.

It can be a little daunting to make this decision as you might not have sufficient information to do so.

Ireland, a top study abroad destination in Europe, has a well earned reputation for extending the ‘‘warmest of welcomes’’ to its international students. Education in Ireland, the Irish government agency responsible for promoting Irish higher Education Institutions overseas and organizers of the ‘study in Ireland-Nigeria fair’, aim to help bridge this gap and ensure that you can understand all the processes involved in studying in Ireland, without stress.

It is paramount to note that most students who have successfully studied or are currently studying abroad attended at least one international study fair before they got admission and travelled abroad. The Study in Ireland-Nigeria fair has over the years been the perfect go-to platform where the journey of most students, who are with dreams of studying in Ireland was birthed. Nigerian students are given a chance to meet, connect, and speak privately with representatives of top Irish universities and colleges.

The study in Ireland-Nigeria fair will give you the platform to discuss your study options, clarify your doubts on admission requirements, get information on course choices, application process, accommodation, and much more.

These five reasons below will convince you to attend the Study in Ireland-Nigeria Fair.

Free Insightful  Sessions

Our team of international  education experts will be facilitating the seminar and info sessions where you will get detailed information and advisory on course choices, work opportunities and Visa processing. These seminars are free to attend and impart a lot of valuable and useful information for the students aiming to study in Ireland. You’ll learn from our facilitators that Ireland offers international students up to two years stay-back visa and also work/internship opportunities during and after studies. These seminars will also expose you to criteria, deadlines and application processing for admission opportunities for top Irish institutions.

Finding the perfect institution and course of study:

University representatives will help you learn more about your course selection at their respective universities. They will also give you detailed insights about internships, work placements, course structure, accreditations, etc, to help decide on the right course and university. Exhibitors and top Irish institution representatives will be present to share valuable information and provide answers to your questions on academic and educational performance, the teaching environment and the internationality of each of the participating institutions. Whether you’ve got questions on accommodation, entry requirements, or tuition etc., you will be provided with an exclusive one on one session with Education in Ireland representatives and top Irish institutions to eliminate all forms of ambiguity.

Sneak Peak at the Friendly Irish Culture:

Ireland is an English-speaking country, and as such makes it a comfortable study location for Nigerians. Prospective Students who will be attending the Study in Ireland-Nigeria Fair will find it heartwarming when they learn that the Irish classroom experience is painless and undemanding as they don’t need to learn a second language. Your interactions and conversation with the representatives from the government and university will convince you that Irish people are best known for their warm welcome and accommodating culture as regards to foreign students.

One on One Session with Ireland’s Visa Office

The embassy of Ireland Visa Office will be at the fair to educate and advice prospective students while also providing an exclusive platform to answer all personal enquiries pertaining to Visa application. Applying for a visa can be onerous if you don’t have the right information as to what document to prepare or visa type that is applicable. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the right visa before you travel.

Higher Prospect of Getting Admission and Visa

You can begin your admission process right there at the Study in Ireland-Nigeria fair. Participants at the fair will enhance their chances of getting admission at their institution of choice as they would be followed up by the university representatives who they spoke with, even after the fair. These representatives will provide on-spot academic assessment and validate all your academic documents that will be essential for admission and visa processing.

Are you still contemplating your attendance at the Study in Ireland-Nigeria fair? Don’t miss the chance to make your fantasies of studying abroad come to reality as warm Irish welcome awaits you.


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