Work limits are off for health students in UK

This follows the previous announcement from government that any overseas-registered health professionals whose visa was due to expire by 1 October received an automatic one-year extension.

“Tier 4 students who have work rights and are employed by an NHS trust as a doctor, nurse or paramedic will not be restricted to 20 hours work per week during term time and may work without limit on the number of hours permitted,” states the latest T4 guidance.

In Australia, a similar rule was amended on 18 March

In fact, if their studies are suspended because of coronavirus-related issues, these students can work full-time.

“Tier 4 students with work rights whose sponsor suspends all study as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak will be considered to be in vacation time and so will be permitted to work full-time during this period.”

The rule clarification is part of a wider, flexible policy shift, a temporary concession on Tier 4 rules as universities struggle to adapt to international student populations which are spread around the globe – and severe uncertainty around future admissions protocol.

In Australia, a similar rule was amended on 18 March relating to international students working in “aged care”.

“As more workers take leave to quarantine or because of health concerns, we need to make sure there are enough staff to look after our older Australians who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus,” Alan Tudge. acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, said.

“Many international students already work in the aged care sector but are restricted to 40 hours a fortnight. We’re relaxing those limits to help fill the temporary staff shortages.”

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