Your Music Playlist for Hot Fun in the Summertime

7.22 Blog

Hot fun in the summertime! This is what we hope you are striving for as you relax, restore and refresh over the summer months! To add to your “hot fun,” we’ve put together a list of 10 summer songs to get you movin’ and groovin’! Teachers and students are music lovers too, so, enjoy the melodies and even see some of the artists in action as you listen and watch our Songs of Summer screencast! 

While you tap your toes and take in the funk, R & B, rock, and other sounds from the artists we’ve featured, read on for ideas about incorporating music into your, and your students’, lives below! 

  • This infographic lists 10 benefits of listening to classical music! Consider how you could include this genre in your life and lessons, then see more musical musings for teachers and students below! 

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For Teachers:

  • We all love a good Netflix binge, but next time skip the ‘flix and turn to Spotify or Pandora instead! Then get up and, dare we say it…DANCE!

  • Replace a podcast with some pop, rap, jazz, or classical music and feel your mood elevate!

  • Listen to a type of music you haven’t embraced before.

  • Get recommendations for new music from friends, family, students, and musicians and give those new-to-you songs a try!

  • Explore the summer outdoor concert scene and enjoy the many free venues and outdoor gigs!

  • Thought about learning an instrument? Summer may be the time to pick up the guitar, try the piano, or learn the violin! 

  • Use a teacher walk-up song to give your students a look into your musical tastes and to get them energized and engaged!

For Students:  

  • Play music for students as they enter the classroom–and switch it each day.

  • Turn on music to assist with transitions between subjects, projects, or learning with specialists.

  • Play music at the end of the day to assist in transitioning from school to home.

  • Observe how other educators use music and try-out some ideas.

  • Ask a music educator to observe your classroom and suggest where music could enhance or amplify learning.

  • Collaborate with a music educator on learning projects, activities, or lessons.

  • Some students find music distracting. Allow students to listen to music using headsets or earbuds.

  • How many students are involved in band/orchestra/choir or musical theater or sing in school plays or musicals? Invite them to your classroom to perform and spark interest in the musical arts.

  • Encourage students to select walk-up songs and ask them to explain why they chose them.

  • Have students select and study different musicians! Provide a list and have them choose or, depending on the grade, allow them to pick who they’d like to study.

  • Ask students to discover the way music is a part of everything they study.

Enjoy our List of Summer Songs 2022!


Hum along to the songs and before you know it, you’ll be having some hot fun in the summertime

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